Dangerously suave

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I will very quickly become your addiction. . You will find what you look for in every aspect of life. Happiness,truth and love or sadness, lies and hate. The power of attracting what you think is very real. . Believe what you want, but KNOW what you believe. . Being polite is free, DONT BE CHEAP.


I wish this app had a built-in interpreter so I could make more friends on this app. Hey everybody! My name is Denis and your all welcome to come th

When you meet that someone special you have the same taste in things you like the same music you can finish each other's sentences someone that you ge

You ladies who hang up before I can even introduce myself are rude and disgusting. I realize that everyone has their preference but to hang up on som

I would like to see A prenuptial agreement that says whoever is caught cheating leaves the relationship with nothing but all of the debt incurred duri

Ladies, I realize the trauma that these leg humping, no class idiots can inflict on a lady who may be a little more sensitive to certain things but pl

My marijuana plant is getting so big its incredible. Its such a beautiful plant I will hate to cut it down.

To hate the Chinese people for the coronavirus is like hating black people because you do not like rap music. It is not the citizens that make these

To "hate" the Chinese people for Corona virus is like hating black people because you dont like rap music. it is our government's fault and the way t

@ the_priest I have sent screenshots of our entire conversation and an explanation of what you are doing concerning your use and possessing illegal st

I am not here to win your vote, friendship or trust. If you dont like me or what I say... IDGAF.. NOT SORRY! I am here to make friends of all

Ladies Im In the mood to write a story... If you have anything you might like to read in a story hmu... Any topic is ok just no rape murder or kids

I am going to make a running list of people who are NOT CHAT WORTHY so that others will be able to avoid toxic people. If you dont want to be put on

It seems that the majority of the ladies that I met here have a major trust issues or they dont value others the way they so desperately wish they wer

If you're expecting me to be sad over losing somebody that ignores me and doesn't have the ability to show me the right respect you're barking up the

It must be nice not giving a fuck about other people. I wish I had that superpower.

You know how to tell if someone is lying? have them tell you the story backwards. If it really happened they will be able to backtrack their story n

There are certain things that must be in life. Birth, death ect... but there is one that really stands out in my mind and that is when someone apo

This is my writing style. As I lay behind you on that rainy sunday morning spooning you and covering you with my warm body, you wake to me covering

Hello everbody

What happend? Everybody is speaking a different language now. I feel like I am in the twilight zone!


趕快下載 Goodnight 一起聊天交朋友!